Most scratches are due to fabricating debris consisting of tiny glass chips and dust that get baked onto the surface of glass. Prevention is worth a pound of cure so the place to start is when you build. Of course, most people buy an existing home so having a cleaning company that stays abreast of problems and solutions in the cleaning industry, and specifically that of glass, is essential to maintaining the beauty of your home. 

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Logan Miller window cleaner Lincoln Christian School Drummer
  • Graduated Lincoln Christian School, Tulsa, OK
  • Attended Fort Lewis College, Durango, CO
  • Window Cleaning Professional since 2006
  • Professional Musician since 2004.
  • Lead Drummer for several local bands.
  • Host of Local TV Music Show
  • Artist, Photographer
  • Graduated Texas State Technical Institute
  • Corporate Facilities Manager in Dallas, TX , and Tulsa, OK
  • Cleaning Industry Professional since 1989
  • Business Entrepreneur with multiple locations in Oklahoma and Colorado 
  • Married to Anita Miller since 1986
  • The family "Chef"
  • Fishing is a passion.  

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Most scratches are due to fabricating debris consisting of tiny glass chips and dust that get baked on the glass during manufacturing. Read more below or contact us for a full report.

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We clean windows and screens ~ solar panels ~ gutters ~ new construction homes and businesses ~ mirrors ~ decorative glass ~ outdoor light fixtures ~ indoor light fixtures ~ ceiling fans ~ chandeliers ~ showcase cabinets ~ and more.  

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